The Gospel Accordion To Marc Volume 2 DVD - Now, with the aid of a supercomputer, 10 great songs have been recorded and presented in both regular and half-speed motio even keeping the audio pitch in the same octave! Also added in this volume are three interviews with Marc about the music and about the accordion and special DVD features previously un-issued!!


Mitch Reed Instructional Fiddle DVD Volume 1 - this instructional DVD starring Mitch Reed is finally available for the public. This fun DVD teaches four songs including a two-step, blues, waltz, and creole tune, complete with stories and antics about how Mitch learned these songs. It's intended for beginners to advanced, with a little basic knowledge of the violin.


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 This Cajun fiddle method starts with the basics and shows you how to play Cajun melodies based on reference notes and chord shapes. It teaches you how to play in all key positions in the Cajun style on a standard tuned fiddle.


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