Cajun CDs
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This teaming of Linda Ronstadt and Cajun folk traditionalist Ann Savoy, billing themselves as the Zozo Sisters, shows how wide is the musical range of bittersweetness. The harmonies and shared lead vocals offer a complementary contrast between Ronstadt's purity of tone and Savoy's more piquant expressiveness. Read More...

Savoy Family Band
Playing with the togetherness that can only be found in ensembles of close family, The Savoy Family Band delivers the sort of excitement that comes from innovation within the deep roots of Cajun music.

The Best of the Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band

Three amazing musicians recorded over the course of 22 years, on one CD.


Sam's Big Rooster

The latest Savoy-Doucet album featuring the title song and Marc's debut on lead rapping vocal, "Sam's Big Rooster." Also featured on this album is Marc and Ann's son, Joel, who takes lead and second fiddle with Michael Doucet.


Evangeline Made

A Tribute to Cajun Music CD directed by Ann Savoy featuring Rock and Pop stars, such as Rodney Crowel and Linda Ronstadt along side Cajun musicians Marc and Ann Savoy, Steve Riley and Jimmy Breaux.


"LIVE! At the Dance"

An album recorded live, capturing the energy of a dance from Savoy Doucet.


Savoy Smith "Now and Then"

Marc & Ann Savoy, stars of pure traditional Cajun music now and then travel and perform with Louisiana state champion fiddler, Ken Smith


Two Step D'Amédé

A rocking CD featuring the Amede Two-Step, Lapin Dans Son Nique, Mike's "Stuck in Traffic on the Open Bay Bridge," and more. A definite "must" for all Cajun fans


Home Music With Spirits

A combination of two LPs featuring beautiful harmonies of Little Black Eyes and the Reno Waltz, as well as Quelle Etoile.


Cheese Reed Cajun House Party

Cheese Reed, among the greatest of the greats of Cajun fiddling, joins with Marc Savoy and John Stelley for some pumping Cajun numbers, mostly all played on the D-accordion. Also contains many fiddle duets recorded years earlier.



Magnolia Sisters Prends Courage

The first album of three featuring Ann Savoy and Jane Vidrine having found old ballads and beautiful waltzes and two-steps and reinvigorated them.

The Magnolia Sisters make these old time Cajun tunes uniquely theirs by infusing this collection of songs with energy and contemporary vitality.


Under a Green Oak Tree

Dewey Balfa, Marc Savoy and D.L. Menard join together to produce one of the greatest trios ever to exist in Cajun Music. This CD features D.L.'s hit, En bas du chene vert, as well as many other Cajun classics.


Made in Louisiana

Marc Savoy, Dewey Balfa, and D.L. Menard join again to make an instrumental album, featuring only one song with vocals, as well as the old F accordion.


John Kimmel:
Virtuoso of the Irish Accordion

John Kimmel CD cover

This amazing CD should be titled "Virtuoso of the German style accordion:, because that's what this undisputed master was indeed playing. The "German style" accordion, which was to become known many years in the future as the "Cajun style" accordion, was the same instrument used by Joe Falcon in Louisiana.

The parallel between this CD of German, Irish, Scottish and American tunes recorded in New York from 1906-1928 and Joe Falcon's Cajun recordings in Crowley, Louisiana at the same time is that, even though the difference in technique between the two styles is light years apart, the instrument itself was the same. Kimmel had a piano back up, while Falcon had his wife's rhythm guitar. Both played a German made, four stop, single row in the key of D. Falcon played a Sterling, while Kimmel played either a Sterling or more probably a Globe, which was a first cousin to the Sterling.

Anyone interested in Cajun accordion music should hear the level that Kimmel has achieved with this little wooden box. Unbelievable!

Jean Carrignan:
French Canadian,
Scottish and Irish Fiddling

Jean Carringnon CD cover

Even years after his death, Jean Carignan remains the undisputed master of French Canadian fiddling. On this CD he is accompanied by an amazing button accordion player whose mentor was, like most Quebecois accordion players, undoubtedly John Kimmel. A must for any fiddler or button accordion player. Unbelievable!