Back to the Basics 2Marc Savoy: Back to the Basics II
Il Faut Que Ça Va

The second release in the popular series of Marc Savoy playing solo accordion, accompanied only by rhythm guitar. Twelve tracks of jamming tunes plus a special story told in Cajun French by Marc about whom he learned to play the accordion. Undoubtedly the only way to learn Cajun accordion aside from sitting and watching- "Listen!"

"... So when I turned twelve, my father brought me to a music store in Eunice, but we were very disappointed to learn that they didn’t sell accordions. I remember thinking how bizarre it was that a store in an area with so many accordion players didn’t handle accordions! My father had place an order with Sears & Roebuck for a Hohner Model 114 which sold for $27.50 at the time. It was the only accordion available in those times because the fabrication of accordions hadn’t started yet...

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... American by birth, Cajun by the grace of God."

  Cost: $16 plus s/h